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Meet Tushar Ch. Patel, MD

Board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon

Dr. Tushar Ch. Patel is a board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in all spinal surgery with a concentration on conditions of the cervical spine (neck) with a particular interest in minimally invasive surgery and disc replacement.

Honors/Awards: Voted a "Top Doctor"

Tushar Ch. Patel, MD awardsTushar Ch. Patel, MD awards
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Tushar Ch. Patel, MD
Patient Testimonials
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I highly recommend Dr. Tushar Patel. I was referred to him by a friend. I had had a failed discectomy on my neck in 2013 by a different doctor. My chin could touch my chest, and my neck length was almost non-existent. When I saw Dr. Patel, he showed my husband and I what he had done for a previous patient with a similar problem. This gave us hope! Dr. Patel discectomy on my neck was so perfect! The X-RAY showed us how intricate the discectomy had been. We are so grateful to Dr Patel. I feel like a new lady, I no longer feel embarrassed to go out in public. My neck looks beautiful!

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